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February 25, 2006

Tags As Categories

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This is cool, but I would rather that there were more options. For instance, there ought to be global tags, then also local categories. The local categories could perhaps not use the {rel=’tag’} so that there would not be any possible redundancy.

I would like to have the ability to search within my blog for a certain category. However, I feel that the community approach is very cool. Not only will this be good for improving traffic, but in terms of reader experience, this feature can be very useful when browsing certain subjects over an array of blogs.

WordPress’ improvements are a very positive step.

I never truly have been keen on the idea of running a blog without doing any coding, but perhaps this approach is the wave of the future. If features, widgets, and so forth, are already set up, then bloggers can concentrate on adding content. Not messing around with templates, or better yet, not having the ability to horribly screw up the template can be good. My biggest concern then, would lie in terms of bugginess and failed validation.

I feel that it is very imprtant for the developers to tackle this issue. If we do not have any control over the code, I hope that those who do, will adhere to the standards of validity.

I hope that the current pace of features and themes continues at the pace I now see. is starting to make look pretty bad in terms of out-of-boxfeatures.


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  1. To Cathy: Sounds a lot like the problem I had where the circuit board came out of the plastic clip holder so that the START wasn’t touching the actual control. Check out my post above from July 6. Good luck. Click

    Comment by sherriehiggins3807 — April 8, 2016 @ 12:00 pm

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